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Since the definition of transcription is the converting of spoken words into text, the transcription of history can only refer to Oral History Transcription (transcribing historical accounts that are spoken). Oral History is a term that is used to refer to the collection of historically significant human memories through recorded interviews. Oral History transcription is a particularly fascinating type of interview transcription, which serves to preserve verbal accounts of historical interest and, above all, to make the material accessible to wider audiences. Some benefits of Oral History interview transcriptions are:

  • Data preservation: Oral History transcripts obtained by transcribing audio or video recordings reduce the wear and tear on the tapes;
  • Oral History transcripts help researchers understand the voices on Oral History recordings. Dialects and accents may make the interviewee’s words unclear, and phonetic Oral History transcription can make them easier to comprehend
  • Oral History transcripts make research easier: unlike audio interview recordings, an Oral History transcript is fully searchable, and relevant sections can be located easily;
  • Because it is much more practical to collate and edit written text than audio recordings, Oral History transcripts can serve as the basis for documentaries, books, lectures, museum exhibits, etc.;
  • Oral History interview transcripts, along with the recordings themselves, often provide the source material for radio and television programs
  • Oral History transcripts are accessible to the hearing impaired or to people, without access to the recordings.

Historytranscription.com provides quality-transcription Oral History transcription. In fact, transcribing Oral History projects has always been a particularly cherished subset of our interview transcription services, and we have earned an enviable reputation for the speed, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness of our Oral History transcription services of many different Oral History projects in the U.S., as well as in Canada, Australia, and the U.K. We welcome all Oral History transcription requests, whatever the size of the project. Our Oral History customers typically include historians, librarians, and archivists; students, journalists, teachers, and academic scholars from many fields.

Historians estimate that it takes between six and twelve hours to transcribe one hour of an Oral History interview – and more time to edit the completed transcript. Save yourself the time and let Historytranscription.com handle the transcription of your Oral History interviews professionally. Contact us now.

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